The Talaton Group

The Talaton Group. Corporate Strategist. Capital for Business Start-Ups. Operations, & Investment Services.

  •  $200k-$500 in capital Available
  •  Wealth Management Services

Our Inception

The Talaton Group  was founded on principles that are consistent with exemplary leadership, accountability, governance and stewardship.

With over 20 years of experience in organizational development, business consulting, and financial consultation, Talaton Group has raised over $30 million in alternative financing for start-ups, business acquisitions, operational capital, and investment services.

The principles at Talaton believe that every dream can be realized with well thought out strategic foresight and deliberate implementations. We have help hundreds of companies and individuals realize their goals.

Our Methodology

Our team of consultants is experienced in establishing corporations, organizational development, raising capital, with the expectation to prepare companies for the best credit position to obtain capital for

  • Start-Ups
  • Operational Capital
  • Investments
  • Real Estate

Talaton approaches every project with extreme ownership, and sees them as an extension of their clients/partner organization.

Using a 3-phased approach, Talaton captures every partner/client with the concept of VISION. We believe that all ideas begin and end with VISON. If that Vision can be articulated into a concept; and that concept can be shaped, then no dream can’t be realized.

See IT. Believe IT. Do IT……is our motto..

Our Implementation

The Talaton Group strategizes with every partner, to build a foundation for expansion and long- term growth.

We use a 3 Staged approach to developing and starting

  1. Vision Phase
    1. Vision Casting
      1. In this phase, we develop a concept and the practicality and applicability for capitalization
    1. Vision Shaping
      1. In this phase once there is commitment to a concept, we begin to shape the vision into small components that lead to hard defined concepts that point back to the vision.
    1. Vision Rehearsing
      1. Affirmation the Concept, and rehearsing it with its principles and placing functional operational concepts around the vision.
    2. Vision Branding
      1. Corporate Identity and Sales and Marketing Concepts
  1. Strategizing
    1. Organizational Development
    2. Operational Structure
    3. Infrastructure Development
    4. Pre-launch Preparation
    5. Marketing and Branding
  1. Capital Implementation Services
    1. Raising Capital- ($200-$500)
    2. Investment Services (20-30% ROI)
    3. Debt Servicing Plans
    4. Business Acquisition Services/ Consulting
    5. Real Estate Consulting

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